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Sūn Wùkōng
Great Sage Equaling All of Heaven
Great Sage Equaling All of Heaven

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PostSubject: Rules   Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:50 am

Hello, welcome to the forums.

This site was designed for everyone to communicate and express thoughts and ideas to one another. A few basic rules will be required however.

1) Absolutely no pornography
This should be self explanatory

2) No illegal activity
No promoting anything illegal such as piracy, identity theft, and whatnot. This could get you in a lot of trouble, not just by me, but also with authorities considering the circumstances.

3) No spam
I count spam as excessive posting. No double posts, or quote pyramids, and a repeated image, word, or phrase used to take up space.

4) Use proper grammar and spelling
I'm not a college professor, and I make these mistakes all the time. What I mean by this, is to not use text speak i.e. "der gr8" and whatnot.

5) No slanderous or aggressive posts
This is a forum for everyone to have there own thoughts and ideas. Not everyone is going to agree with one another, and that's actually fine. No personal insults due to a disagreement. Seriously, it looks bad for your part if you do.

Please follow the rules, and enjoy your stay.
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